Sample Group Charter
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Sample Group Charter

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Sample Group Work Charter

A group charter gives your students the chance to talk through and established expectations with each other. Having students complete a group charter before they begin work on a group project builds accountability for their time together. We suggest requiring each of your groups to fill this out and submit it as the first part of their assigned group work. Below is a template you can use for your class.

Download the charter: 

This charter is here to establish group norms as you, together, work on your [NAME OF ASSIGNMENT]. It is best to complete this charter at the beginning of your group’s first meeting. Discuss the following questions and record your group’s responses on this document. Your group charter is due [DUE DATE].

Group Members:

NameEmailPhone Number (Optional)

Ground Rules:

What is the best time to meet? Are there go-to times all team members are available to meet? 

What is the preferred method of communication? What are the expectations for responding to digital communication? (For example, within 24 hours.)

Team Roles and Responsibilities:

Teams should expect each member to contribute an equal amount of work and time towards the final product of their group work. Additional roles can be given to group members to best facilitate the reporting and documentation of work. 


Leader [insert definition of a leader here]:

  • Suggested: Makes sure every voice is heard and conversation is focused on task at hand
  • Suggested: Responsible for submitting work on behalf of group

Note-Taker (writes note of each meeting, sends them out, keeps them in a place where instructor can easily access them)

  • Suggested: Compiles group member’s ideas on collaborative document/document that can be shared


How should teammates provide feedback to each other’s works? How will teammates resolve conflict?