Yellowdig Engage
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Yellowdig Engage

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No installation required

Yellowdig Engage is now always available in your course site.  To begin using it, just enable it in your course navigation.

Enable Yellowdig Engage in the course nav

  1. Select "Settings" in the left navigation
  2. Choose "Navigation" from the tabs at the top of the Settings page
  3. Drag "Yellowdig Engage" from the lower list of disabled tools to the top list of enabled tools
  4. IMPORTANT: click "Save" at the bottom of the page
  5. Refresh your site and "Yellowdig Engage" will appear on your left-hand navigation. Select it.
  6. Create your board (tip: don't change the default board title. This will interfere with our ability to provide support.)
  7. Start posting!

enabling Yellowdig engage in the navEnabling Yellowdig Engage in the nav

Engagement points

Yellowdig Engage has a built-in point system to encourage interaction. This is not the same as grading.

We recommend a point allocation setup for 16 chronological weeks of the term (with wiggle room for about 12 weeks of active participation), and a target of 3-4 engagements per active week.

You can alter the settings, change point allocations and earning periods, add topics, and accolades. If you do make changes, keep in mind what level of engagement is good for you, for your class, and for your adult online learners.

Default initial post

Once you have created your board, a curated first post will automatically appear and be pinned to the top of your board. This post will contain help links for users.

You may edit or delete this first post, or add an additional post, introducing yourself to the class and setting the tone for the board.


Grade passback from Yellowdig to Canvas requires you to configure a Yellowdig assignment in Canvas.

Canvas provides a guide to configuring external app assignments.


If you have any trouble configuring this assignment for grade passback, please email ITG for help.

If any issues arise, can also contact